Banana Ingredients


One Banana Ingredients are made from our own sustainably
grown premium bananas, from our certified plantations in
Guatemala and from organic farms in Peru.


Banana Ingredients

We are committed to providing you and your family the highest quality
produce in the world.


Banana Puree:

Our Puree Quality

Aseptic banana puree:

  High Acid with Vitamin C and Citric Acid

  Low Acid with Vitamin C

  Baby Food Grade


  Seedless and with seeds

  Acidified with lemon juice

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Packaging Options

Conical Drums of
55 gal (230kgs)
60 gal (250kgs)
440gal (1,600kgs)
275 gal (1,000kgs)

Banana Flakes and Powder

Banana Flakes and Powder Quality

● No additives, carriers or preservatives

● Baby Food Grade full Pesticide Controlled

● Only fresh bananas gently dried

● Vegan / Vegetarian

● Gluten free

● Halal / Kosher / Non GMO

● Low Glycemic Response / High Fiber

● Free Flowing Powder – Taste of fresh banana

● Low AW / Low moisture

● 24 months Shelf-life

● Versatile / Easy to Use

● Clean Labelling – Plant based fibers and naturally occurring sugars

● Good source of potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C, biotin and fiber

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We process in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations and under the strictest sanitary conditions. Our product is GMO free and meets all FDA and USDA standards.